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Our Philosophy 

Our design expertises and aesthetic set us apart from other stagers in the business and therefore each home we stage will stand out amongst others on the market. Our staging strategy allows us to create a sense of “home” that offers broad appeal. In addition to following our recommendations, homes staged by Livian feel generous in size, functional, and of course, curated, to honor and allow for each home’s unique personality to shine. This combination sets the stage for buyers to envision themselves celebrating their own milestones in the home.

Our staging services are customized to each home and its specific needs.  Please reach out to schedule a walk-through today to receive a room-by-room Roadmap on how to prepare for market. 

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We believe that every home has the ability to take a buyer's breath away and truly stand out amongst the pack.

Virtual Roadmap and Design Consultation

Our team at Livian Staging understands how important it is to showcase sellers homes and agents listings at their best. With our top-notch design recommendations, we give agents a competitive edge and create spaces where buyers want to live. 

With this service we will provide you with our room-by-room Roadmap to Success and shopping list on how to get your listing ready for market. 

Vacant Homes

A vacant home makes it difficult for potential buyers to visualize how the home will function for them and their families. To remedy this, we offer staging for vacant homes and devise a strategy on how to best stage a room to attract as many potential buyers as possible. With our curated inventory, vacant properties quickly become the home buyers dream of.

Partial Vacant Homes

It is important to us to create an impactful impression the minute a buyer walks into the home. We do this by rearranging sellers current pieces and bringing pieces in from our inventory to elevate each homes design. It is also possible that through strategizing, we suggest changing the function of certain rooms to allow for broader appeal to potential buyers.

Fluff and Puff

Fluff and Puff is a service that truly takes the home to the next level. Your home or listing is already a majority of the way there, but need Livian's expertise to edit and add curated pieces that make it stand out amongst others on the market. With this service, we will bring in pillows, art and some smaller decorative accessories to enhance each home's unique features.

Interior Design

Whether you have just moved into your dream home, are looking to refresh your current home, or you are looking to style a vacation rental, we have the design expertise to bring your vision to reality. We partner with homeowners, agents and investment property owners to bring your homes and listings to life.

Reach out today to schedule your virtual or in-person design walk through!

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